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Barrister Babu 10th November 2021 Written Update

Barrister Babu

Barrister Babu 10th November 2021 Written Update on wittycelebs.com

The scene begins with Bondita let Batuk know that she accepts Anirudh is alive. Batuk says that is her culpability as Anirudh kicked the bucket on account of her. He saw it that how Anirudh passed on while attempting to save her. Batuk says he will grab all her beloved things exactly how she grabbed Anirudh from him. She needs to pay attention to him else she will lament as he will hurt her relatives. In the wake of giving Anirudh’s kid she can go any place she needs however before that she will remain in haweli as it were. Bondita feels powerless and he leaves.

Batuk gives food to Bondita and secures her room. Trilochan comes and says he needs to check whether Bondita is fine or not as she didn’t come to eat. Batuk permits him and Bondita says she is doing acceptable. Trilochan says he is there for her. Bondita advises Batuk to bring water and he leaves. Batuk gives the container to Bihari and the last option gets a letter sent by Bondita. She composes that she really wants a few stuffs to make smoke. Bihari gives the container to Batuk and afterward he conceals the stuffs in a cover and gives it to Batuk saying Bondita will require it as its chilly climate. Batuk gives the cover to Bondita and at late night Bondita really looks at the stuffs and makes smoke by consuming it.

Batuk is snoozing and Bondita covers her nose. Batuk begins hacking and attempts to douse the fire however Bondita thinks she blended medication in it to make Batuk oblivious so this can’t occur. She lets Batuk know that there are such countless mosquitoes in room and it’s hurtful for the kid so Batuk ought not quench it. Batuk says it should be intense for her to relax. He attempts to move further however at that point blacks out. Bondita smothers the fire by pouring water and packs her gear. She emerges from the room and Sampurna gets her. She asks her for what valid reason Anirudh is oblivious and where is she going. Bondita discloses everything to Sampurna that its Batuk not Anirudh. Sampurna gets stunned hearing that. She says she can’t release Bondita alone in this condition.

Bondita says she organized Santiniketan tickets for herself which is Anirudh’s cherished spot. She will go there with her youngster. She tells Sampurna not to go with her as Batuk might utilize Saswati for his thought process and Trilochan is likewise helping him and he conflicted with Bondita. Sampurna embraces Bondita and the last option guarantees her she will deal with herself. Sampurna comes out with Bondita and Somnath cruises by. Sampurna advises Bondita to call her subsequent to contacting her objective. Trilochan turns on the light and Bondita drops her bag. Trilochan asks her for what reason is she leaving. Bondita says she is leaving as he hurt her by deceiving her. Why he didn’t tell her that is Batuk not Anirudh. He didn’t confide in her by any means.

Trilochan says Batuk was correct Bondita got everything in this house however she doesn’t esteem them and leaving like a criminal. She is likewise a free disapproved of lady and can wed somebody in future. She will leave with Anirudh’s youngster which he can’t acknowledge. Bondita says he might have asked her once what she thinks. She confided in him however he doesn’t think of her as little girl genuinely in this way he arranged against her with Batuk. Trilochan asks her then whats her desire. He can’t lose Anirudh’s youngster subsequent to losing Anirudh. Bondita says she likewise needs her youngster to get Trilochan’s affection. Trilochan tells her guarantee she will not take off from the house with the youngster. Bondita looks on.


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