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Balika Vadhu 2 9th December 2021 Written Update

Balika Vadhu 2

Balika Vadhu 2 9th December 2021 Written Update on wittycelebs.com

Kanku asking Anandi didn’t Jigar concur. Anandi says no. Anand gives the Bhagwad gita book recording to Maadi baa. She enjoys it a ton. He says you ought to have concentrated and afterward read the Gita yourself, wouldn’t you say Anandi should concentrate further, am I saying right. Kanku says don’t pick the little pieces, you will get injured. Anandi says I need to join back the pieces. Anand says you are the most reasonable here, you love Anandi and will be glad when she procures a name. Maadi baa says she won’t concentrate on further, its enough now, its my last choice, you can ask me for some other gift.

Maadi baa says we lived it up here, sorry for whatever occurred. Bhairavi says its fine, Kanku is our girl additionally, we are with you. Jigar embraces Anand and says you failed to remember what I told you, an individual stays upset while satisfying others, stay out of other people’s affairs. Bhairavi says you ought to have remained here, we would have observed Anandi’s birthday, Anand is leaving for US tomorrow. Jigar says we additionally kept a party.

Maadi baa says no, he just arranged an unexpected treat for her, they are beloved companions. Diya says something is happening among Jigar and Anandi. Anand goes to meet Anandi. He helps her. She says its OK. He says fine, do it. She staggers. He holds her hand. They contend. Her sack handles gets broken. She chides him and fixes it back. He says we may not meet once more, wouldn’t you be able to pardon me, its alright, you go. He gifts her a few books. He requests that she see the books. He jokes. She really looks at the book and peruses… don’t abandon your fantasies. He says I would have battled everybody in case I needed to study. She says we are unique.

He asks if I can help you. She says no, I need to go, everybody is sitting tight for me. He makes a smiley on the book. Jigar says I will sit with Anandi. Anandi says I need to sit in the front situate and get outside air. Sejal says sit quick, we need to arrive at home on schedule. He sees the books given by Anand and tosses it out of the vehicle. Anand reviews Anandi. He says I will consider Anandi and wish her. He says glad birthday Anandi.

Its morning, Anandi requests that Ratan let her rest. Ratan requests that she awaken. Anandi says I will accomplish stunning work and do right by you. She snickers. She hits the dance floor with Ratan and embraces her. Jigar blasts an inflatable and awakens her. Anandi sees the improvements. Everybody wishes her glad birthday. Anandi takes the elderly folks’ endowments. Anandi sees the sindoor and mangalsutra there. Maadi baa says we will tell everybody today that you are our bahu, and Jigar’s better half.


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