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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 21st October 2021 Written Update

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 21st October 2021 Written Update on wittycelebs.com

Scene starts with Vedika saying I was unable to get any cctv film there. Nandini converses with her. Neeraj returns home. Nandini says I will call you later. Neeraj welcomes Nandini and says this is intended for you. Mami takes the gift. He says I needed to meet you, I didn’t wish to make any dramatization in your home, we are important for one family, you will not have any issue as a result of me, you can tell me in case there is any work, I m a bank administrator. Nandini figures he can help me. She says its a major bank, pleasant. Shashi says Vedika has sent a present for you, think about what is it. Slam says blueberry cheesecake. Shashi says OK. Slam gets the kada. Shashi asks will you have the cake or the kada.

Priya says I need to take care of the kada to Ram. Slam hacks. He drinks the kada and holds the cake back. Shashi asks did your hack stop. Smash says OK, this kada is extraordinary. Priya says its unpleasant however useful for you, then, at that point, you would have accused me the entire day, apologies. Slam says I had it, much obliged, individuals get desserts in first rasoi however I got unpleasant thing. Shashi says its first time that Ram picked something different rather Vedika’s cake, sorry we were unable to come in your marriage, we are old companions, Shivina planned to wed my sibling previously, we had kept a supper to commend your marriage, kindly come. Smash thinks couldn’t say whether Priya will get a kick out of the chance to come.

Priya thinks possibly Ram would not like to take me, I will reject. She says I have work, I can’t come, apologies. She goes. Smash figures she might have concurred for convention. Meera meets the chinese slow down seller and says you took care of prawns to the slow down. He says somebody let me know that the lucky men like prawns. Meera says you realize he fell wiped out, he is adversely affected by prawns, he could have passed on. He says I didn’t have the foggiest idea about this, that man said its an astonishment for the husband to be. She asks was it him. She shows Mahender’s pic. He says it wasn’t him, he was a chubby person, his face was comparative. She thinks did Raj do this, he attempted to isolate Akki and Shivi. Neeraj and Vedika come there. Meera goes. Neeraj asks how would i be able to help you. Vedika says I need your bank atm cctv film, its simple for you to do this, Nandini was telling me, you can do this. He says fine, give personal time, your work will be finished. She gestures.

Sarika contends with Meera and Priya. She shows Shivi and Sid’s pic. Priya says perhaps they are companions. Sarika says he is her ex. She contends with Priya a great deal. Mom says we as a whole realize that Ram wedded Priya due to my Akki, else Ram wasn’t sitting for her. Priya says I know, I wedded Ram to get Akki and Shivi wedded. Mom says its not Priya’s misstep. Sarika says Raj had gone to Akki’s office, don’t have the foggiest idea for what reason is he after us. Meera says we likewise endured in view of Mahender. Sarika says I don’t need Akki’s union with break, simply resist the urge to panic for 14 days, when Akki gets hitched, so anything you need. She cries.

Priya says it will not break. She figures Ram and I shouldn’t have any misconception, I will not allow any obstacle to come in Akki’s marriage, I need to save this connection for mum’s regard. Smash gets back home. He says Priya wouldn’t have dropped at this point. Worker says she is higher up. Smash says she might have told me, she generally causes me to feel regretful, I will proceed to talk, I m Ram Kapoor, an effective money manager, I can do this, assault mode. He goes inside the room. He sees his garments on the bed. He thinks she is in a battle temperament. He asks who did this.

She says I did this, you prefer to choose it as such, you need to go to Shashi’s home for supper. She says I declined, in light of the fact that its difficult for me, my first reaction is no for everything, I m concurring now since you additionally changed in my home, I can likewise change. He expresses profound gratitude, its fine. She says we can go. He says I will let Shashi know that we are coming. She says I m prepared. He says its fine. She says I can change, tell me, in case this is OK. He says only a certain something. He extricates her hair. He says much better. He says your hair look great thusly, when you tie it up, I feel you will battle with me. He goes to change. She says he does such things. Vedika says Neeraj called me, he is Priya’s ex, would we be able to trust him. Nandini says he wedded Maitri, in light of the fact that Maitri is more youthful and excellent, he needs to make a connection with us for his benefit, he will do what we say, we need a proof, call him and request that he meet me at my home. Vedika says Sid can never do this.

Nandini says I generally approve of Sid, I need Sid and Shivi’s marriage, I need to break Shivi and Akki’s marriage, I understood my mix-up of getting Ram and Priya’s marriage, I need to break their connection too. Meera calls Priya. She says for what reason isn’t she concurring. Nandini contends with her sibling. Nandini asks who took care of the prawns to Ram. Meera says I will let Priya know that somebody took care of prawns to Ram. She hears Sarika yelling. Mom says you are concerned for your progression child. Nandini says this extravagances life is a result of Ram, he additionally stresses for us, he adores it, I will not allow it to impart to anybody.

Mom says he won’t ever adore Priya. She says I know. She hangs tight for Neeraj. She says Neeraj will help us in consuming Sood’s Lanka, I need to realize who took care of the prawns to Ram. Sarika and Mama come. Sarika requests that Nandini respond to her. Nandini asks how could she come, Neeraj would be coming at this point. Smash and Priya go to purchase blossoms. He says I never purchased blossoms from the flower specialist. She asks did you get blossoms from a nursery. He inquires as to for what reason do you say this, I mean I requested it on the web. Smash converses with the flower vendor and requests lilies. Priya says lilies are exorbitant, purchase roses.


Precap: Slam gets some information about Sid and Shivi. Priya says OK. Slam and Priya meet Shashi. Priya says I m sure that you are my ruler.

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