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Anupama 7th October 2021 Written Update


Anupama 7th October 2021 Written Update on wittycelebs.com

Today, Vanraj attempts to legitimize his impolite conduct before Hasmukh and other relatives. Hasmukh overlooks Vanraj and goes into his room. On the other side, Anuj sympathizes with his distress with Devika and feels awful for Anupama as she is enduring since quite a while. Devika educates Anuj that Anupama loves her family the most and in this way she has endured everything. Anuj gets enthusiastic pondering Anupama.

Anupama returns to Shah house and Anuj feels remorseful as he encouraged her to live independently. Devika consoles Anuj and requests that he stay solid. Anuj lets Devika know that his fantasy is to see Anupama glad for the duration of her life. In the interim, Anupama faces Vanraj for making issues on an extremely propitious and an exceptional day for her. Ahead, Anupama remains on table and attempts to coordinate with Vanraj’s stature. Leela and any remaining relatives get confounded subsequent to taking a gander at Anupama’s demonstration.

Anupama lets Vanraj know that her accomplishments are causing him to feel envious. She additionally adds that Vanraj is terrified of Anuj and his realm. Anuj gets strained as Anupama’s contemplations make him anxious. Vanraj lets Anupama know that she won’t ever coordinate with his capacities as he will consistently remain one level up. Anupama gives a befitting answer to Vanraj which affronts Leela. Besides, Anupama goes out and says farewell to her family. Later on, Anupama visits Anuj’s home and the last gets overpowered by her quality. Anupama says thanks to Anuj for propelling her to denounce some unacceptable things going on in her life.


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