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Anupama 5th October 2021 Written Update


Anupama 5th October 2021 Written Update on wittycelebs.com

Today, Anupama is cheerful as Leela visits the setting. Hasmukh sees Leela and asks the explanation for her quality at the setting. Leela educates Hasmukh that Vanraj constrained her to go with him and hence she is here. Hasmukh lets Leela know that he won’t extra Vanraj in the event that he attempts to ruin the positive climate at the puja setting. Anupama spots Hasmukh and Leela talking and feels stressed as Vanraj would make issues. In the interim, the minister requests that Anupama and Anuj play out the custom to stamp the start of their business association.

After the puja, Anuj and Anupama convey desserts while Bhavesh salutes Anupama for a fresh start. Kavya attempts to incite Vanraj by discussing Anuj’s riches and Anupama’s connection with Anuj. Anupama approaches Vanraj and lets him know the genuine purpose for his quality and advises him to think before he talks anything. Vanraj stands stunned as he faces obtuse conduct from Anupama. Ahead, the media goes into Anuj’s home and demands him for a meeting alongside Anupama. Hasmukh feels that Vanraj will attempt to ruin the day, and he advises Leela to prevent Vanraj from destroying the day. Leela lets Hasmukh know that she will act the same way as he acted when Anupama got out of the house overlooking the last mentioned.

Pakhi converses with Anuj about his relationship with her mom, and Anuj advises the previous to never question on Anupama. Moreover, Vanraj makes a wreck as he stands up to Anuj and abuses him before everybody for sending a proposal to support his business.


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