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Anupama 5th November 2021 Written Update


Anupama 5th November 2021 Written Update on wittycelebs.com

The present scene begins with Anupama’s mom getting enthusiastic and saying how her bias removed a large number of Anupama’s courageous minutes with her companions and lets Devika and Anuj know that she is happy they are Anupama’s companions.

She snaps their photo and leaves for the sanctuary while Kinjal and Nandini watch out for Hasmukh and give him drugs.

Anupama, Devika, and Anuj get glad and snap pictures after which Paritosh considers the photos to be Pakhi is showing them to Kinjal and leaves.

Paritosh and Kinjal contend and she leaves saying that she can’t come to remain with him as he doesn’t regard his mom.

Devika demonstrations of nodding off and Anuj says farewell to Anupama and leaves while Kavya fantasies about placing her nameplate in the front door of Shah’s home.

The following morning, Leela continues to speak sick with regards to Anupama and Kavya goes along with him while Hasmukh and Kinjal talk about Anupama’s new house.

Nonetheless, Leela insults that Anupama’s mom probably showed her out while Hasmukh uncovers that he will meet Anupama with Kinjal and that Samar, Pakhi, and Nandini are as of now there.

Hasmukh leaves and Leela yells after him while tossing the plate of dishes on the ground.


precap: Dolly breaks her connection with Shah house.

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