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Anupama 29th October 2021 Written Update


Anupama 29th October 2021 Written Update on wittycelebs.com

The present scene begins with Anupama returning back. She see Vanraj sitting on the entryway and review the past. Anupama strolls in. Nandini asks Anupama how was the sight. Vanraj hinder and asks Nandini don’t ask how was the sight rather than that she ought to ask how was the evening. Anupama shouts Vanraj’s name. Leela support Vanraj. She says Vanraj is asking right. Anupama says she is worn out on giving clarification. Pakhi, Samar and Nandini side Anupama. Vanraj asks Pakhi not to intrude.

Vanraj and Leela put a claim on Anupama for going through night with Anuj. Vanraj adds Anupama has crossed line with Anuj the previous evening as he called and learned team is in the bed room. He inquires as to whether Anuj fallen on her lap. Anupama shout at Vanraj. Samar says to Vanraj that he can’t charge Anupama. Partiosh asks Samar not to help Anupama as she was with Anuj the previous evening and it is apparent. Couple battle with one another. Kavya requests that Vanraj control Paritosh and Samar. Vanraj says when Anupama didn’t control herself the previous evening how might he control Samar and Paritosh.

Vanraj charge Anupama. He bring up issue on her person. Anupama says to Vanraj she feel sorry for his reasoning. Leela side Vanraj. She requests that Anupama tell plainly what all occurred among her and Anuj the previous evening. Anupama asks Leela wouldn’t she be able to consider her head high to be in the event that she would have done anything wrong than her head would have been down. Vanraj and Leela continue to charge Anupama. They continue to bring up issue on Anupama’s person. Anupama gets infuriated.

There, Anuj stress for Anupama. He says to GK that Shah’s do dramatization for everything little thing and this time Anupama has gone through night with him. Anuj says he is feeling something wrong will happen today. Gk asks Anuj not to stress.

Here, Leela and Kavya call Anupama characterless. Anupama continue to ask Leela not to slight her before her youngsters. She cry. Vanraj asks Anupama not to counterfeit tears. Jignesh attempts to side Anupama. Leela prevents Jignesh from intruding.

Afterward, a passionate Anupama chooses to take off from the Shah house. Kavya charge Anupama and says she is keen as first she found Anuj and presently motivation to remain independently. She asks Anupama, if Anuj and she will wed each other as that isn’t required as post marriage custom is now done final evening. Anupama makes Kavya review how she go through the night with Vanraj prior to wedding. She adds now she will take off from the house alongside her dignity.


Precap: Hasmuk favor Anupama. Anupama leaves the house with her stuffs. Leela and others stand shocked.

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