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Anupama 28th October 2021 Written Update


Anupama 28th October 2021 Written Update on wittycelebs.com

The present scene begins with Anuj requesting that Anupama let Shah’s know’s that house is close to the thruway. Anupama going to tell yet telephone gets hang up. Anuj says there is no association. He asks Anupama not to stress as Shah’s essentially learn she is fine. Anupama asks Anuj not to stress either as Hasmuk will clearly illuminate GK.She adds that college students are good because they helped them. Anuj agreed with Anupama.

Next, college students play the dance video of Anupama and Anuj and they love it. A kid out there requests that Anupama and Anuj change as his Parents garments are accessible. Understudies likewise find out with regards to Anupama and Anuj’s impending undertaking together.

There, Hasmuk says to Shah’s to rest. He says he has informed GK as well and if Anupama gets back to he will refresh. Pakhi says climate is awful and it appears Anupama will actually want to return just tomorrow. Vanraj requests that Leela rest. Leela says to Vanraj in the event that he will actually want to rest. She adds she can’t deal with Anuj and Anupama going through night together. Vanraj stands dazed. Understudies think Anupama and Anuj are couple.

A short time later, young lady out there says to Anuj he looks man rather than Uncle. Anuj searches for Anupama. He gets stricken looking Anupama in suit. He review his school days and gets cheerful. Anupama move and celebrate with the understudies. There, a college boy is proposing to a girl. Anuj regrets not proposing to Anupama in her college days. Ahead, Anuj also hurry up with Anupama later. His wellbeing gets decline and he falls.

Anupama asks young men to take Anuj to the room and in the in the interim, she will plan ‘kadha’ for him. There, Vanraj think Anupama and Anuj are companions still he can’t envision them going through night together. He see Hasmuk’s versatile and choose to get back to on the number.

Anupama deal with Anuj. Anuj going to propose Anupama however nods off. Vanraj get back to on the number. Kid get a call and says that Anuj isn’t well along these lines, Anupama is with him. Vanraj says he can’t hear what he said. The boy said that Anupama and Anuj were resting in the room. Vinraj was stunned.

Anuj awaken and gets hypnotized seeing Anupama. He expresses gratitude toward Anupama for dealing with him. Anuj inquires as to whether he didn’t did any idiocy in the rest. Anupama says no. Anuj and Anupama choose to return.

Kavya incite Vanraj against Anupama. Vanraj irately sit tight for Anupama in his old style.


Precap: Vanraj blame Anupama for going through night with Anuj. Anupama gets enraged and choose to take off from the house.

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