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Anupama 22nd November 2021 Written Update


Anupama 22nd November 2021 Written Update on wittycelebs.com

In the present scene; Kavya says that Vanraj’s parent didn’t acknowledged her little girl in law and considered Anupama their little girl. She adds his kids didn’t acknowledged her all things considered. Anupama says to Kavya that they can chat on this subject later. Kavya closes Anupama and asks her not to intrude on today. Kavya puts allegation on Shah’s for not ready to acknowledge her. Vanraj gets angry on Kavya. She fault Kavya for not ready to win Shah’s.

Kavya says how could win Shah’s as each part is after Anupama. Hasmukh, Kinjal, Samar actually love Anupama. Leela Vanraj actually disdain Anupama. She adds everybody just discussion about Anupama. Verbal contention occur among Vanraj and Kavya. Vanraj says to Kavya that he lament wedding her post last option guarantee that Hasmukh is no not exactly Leela, who appreciates house show.

Hasmukh says he shouldn’t come here. Kavya says to Hasmukh that he is correct due to him Vanraj is criticizing her. Vanraj admonishes Kavya. Anupama says to Vanraj and Kavya that they can do the dramatization in the house. Vanraj says to Anupama that dramatization has begun and allowed it to proceed. He adds he has fouled up with his one spouse yet won’t rehash his slip-up.

Vanraj says since he needs Leela and Hasmukh to remain cheerfully, he will take off from the house alongside Kavya. He adds he love his youngsters and guardians more than anything on earth hence, he will take off from the house. Vanraj requests that Kavya gather her sacks. Anupama think why she is feeling Kavya won’t leave without any problem.

Vanraj requests that Kavya leave. Kavya says Rakhi helped her get a house. She further uncovered that Shah house has a place with her now. Kavya calls Shah’s passionate nitwit. Vanraj peruses the papers and says to Kavya that she has cheated. Kavya says she has done great. Paritosh asks Kavya what she is saying. Kavya says Rakhi helped her get home. She clarified how astutely she took Anupama, Dolly and Vanraj’s mark on the house paper.

Kavya says she is happy she is own the house else Vanraj would have tossed her out and about. She guarantee neither Vanraj nor Shah individuals attempted to acknowledge her. Anupama says to Kavya that she has fouled up. Kavya says Shah individuals are not rational as well. Anupama says to Kavya that she has swindled them.


Precap: Hasmukh requests that Anupama invite Anuj in her life. Kavya apologize to Vanraj. Vanraj choose to show her genuine nature.

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