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Anupama 21st October 2021 Written Update


Anupama 21st October 2021 Written Update on wittycelebs.com

The present scene begins with Samar gaining from Anuj that Rohan is with him. He runs with Nandini to Anuj. Paritosh accumulate Shah’s as well. Vanraj blows up seeing Rohan. Anuj requests that Vanraj stop as Rohan needs to defy something. Rohan apologize to Nandini and Shah’s intended for upsetting them. He says he understood that adoration is acquired not grabbed. Rohan apologize to Anupama and uncovered he assaulted on her to vindicate Samar and Nandini. He added Anuj ensured Anupama. Anupama and others stand stunned. Rohan asks Anuj not to call the police. He guarantee to move away from Nandini’s life. Anuj answers to Rohan that until he will stay faithful to his commitment he also won’t call police.

Kavya inquires as to why Rohan endeavored an assault on Anupama. Samar uncovered with regards to his battle with Rohan. Anupama says she is stunned as Anuj is accomplishing such a great deal of favor on her family. Partiosh inquires as to whether he has gone off the deep end. He added due to his idiocy Anupama’s life would have been in danger. Samar says accordingly he called Anuj. He added Anuj secured Anupama. Vanraj expresses gratitude toward Anuj as well. Leela requests that Anuj leave as dandiya party has a place with the general public. She says individuals will talk seeing him here. Anuj and GK bid goodbye to Shah’s.

Vanraj defy Anupama and alarm her. He requests that Anupama keep Anuj avoid his youngsters. Anupama says Samar went to Anuj. Vanraj says he is unaffected yet can’t bear Anuj supplanting him in his kids life. Devika over hears Anupama and Vanraj. There, Anuj gets maddened. He asks GK to now don’t call anybody to his home nor demands him to go to anybody’s home. Anuj going to leave however his vehicle stalls out at the leaving. He requests that GK delay until other individual eliminate his vehicle.

Opposite side, Devika chide Anupama for not supporting Anuj. She says Anuj has done support regardless of Leela’s impoliteness. Devika blows up at Anupama for not taking represent her companion. Anupama asks Devika not to affront Leela. Devika says she isn’t offending Leela yet last fouled up with Anuj.

Afterward, Anupama stop Anuj and deal him to play dandiya with him. Anuj falter pondering Leela. Shah’s prepare for the dandiya contest. Nandini says she wish if Anuj might have been there with them. Anupama enter the setting with Anuj. Shah’s stand stunned. Devika feels pleased with Anupama.


Precap: Leela affront Anuj and blame him being the justification for the conflict between Shah’s. She requests that he leave. Anupama stops Anuj. She requests Anuj to consume the likeness from Ravana


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