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Anupama 18th November 2021 Written Update


Anupama 18th November 2021 Written Update on wittycelebs.com

In the present scene, Anupama and Anuj make an honest effort to make things typical, yet Hasmukh thinks that it is hard to forget the past. Inevitably, Jignesh comes there and illuminates Anupama that he needs to remain with them until the end of time. Samar visits Anupama’s home and gifts desserts to everybody just before New Year. Jignesh demands Anupama to allow him to remain in her home as he has cut off his friendship with Leela. Anupama lets Jignesh know that there is no compelling reason to demand as her home has a place with him and Hasmukh.

Somewhere else, Kavya persuades Leela to get back Hasmukh as Vanraj will make a wreck in the house when he finds out with regards to reality. Meanwhile, Vanraj calls Jignesh, while Hasmukh advises him to stay away from the call as the previous will detect that something isn’t right. Hasmukh lets everybody know that Vanraj ought to never get to know regarding what has occurred in his nonappearance or probably his indignation will make more issues. Ahead, Kavya goes into Anupama’s home and tells Hasmukh that Vanraj won’t get to know about anything as Leela has acknowledged her error and needs to return him to the Shah house. Vanraj once more attempts to call Kavya and Jignesh yet everybody overlooks his call.

Further, Leela desires Hasmukh to get back, while the last option stays firm on his choice to not return. On the other side, Vanraj chooses to drop his gathering as nobody from the family accepts his call. Back at Anupama’s home, Leela attempts to legitimize her errors and apologizes to Hasmukh for being irate. Hasmukh lets Leela know that she has broken him and obliterated everything and he won’t ever returned the Shah house. Vanraj gets back home and comprehends that Paritosh is attempting to conceal something as none of the relatives accept his call.


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