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Anupama 17th November 2021 Written Update


Anupama 17th November 2021 Written Update on wittycelebs.com

The present scene begins with Anuj saying he heard during his youth that a tongue slips when an individual is furious. He adds Leela demonstrated the reality. Anupama stress something terrible will happen more post Vanraj will realize how Leela managed Hasmuk. She adds Vanraj wasn’t acceptable spouse however he is acceptable dad and a committed child. She cries. Anupama requests that Anuj return home and she will settle on a decision in case she is required. Anuj leave the spot. Anupama cries thinking before her Hasmukh got offended.

There, Pakhi says to Kinjal that she dread seeing Leela. Kinajl choose to chat with Leela. She requests that Leela take a rest. Leela shouts at Kinjal and requests that she go. She specifies she needn’t bother with anybody. Cart cries and Sanjay console her. Late around evening time, Hasmukh is fretful. Anupama deal with Hasmukh. Hasmukh disappears. Anuj and Anupama search for Hasmukh.

They observe Hasmukh enquiring how much a gatekeeper acquire while giving a night obligation. Watchman lets Hasmukh know that 7k. He guarantee Hasmukh that he will search for a task. Gurad asks Hasmukh for what reason he needs to do a task. Hasmukh says he would rather not be trouble on his little girl. Anupama and Anuj cries hearing Hasmukh. They take Hasmukh with them.

Ahead, Leela wishes Shah’s cheerful new year. She requests that they proceed to prepare. Kavya requests that Leela bring back Hasmukh. Leela says Hasmukh will return without help from anyone else. Samar says by saying this in case she is reassuring herself. Leela gets irate on Samar. Kavya affect Leela against Anupama. She says in light of Anupama Hasmukh isn’t returning. There, Anupama, GK and Anuj attempts to perk up Hasmukh.

Then again, Leela and Kavya requests that Jignesh bring back Hasmukh. Jignesh break his bind with Leela and says she offended Hasmukh which wasn’t right in this manner he is going out for eternity.

Anuj choose to assume Hasmukh’s liability similarly as Anupama. Anupama expresses gratitude toward Anuj for continually being there. Meanwhile, Jignesh will not perform ‘Bhai Dhoj’ with Leela. She calls her one of the most unfortunate individual. Anupama, Anuj and GK attempts to perk up Hasmukh. They neglect to perk up Hasmukh. Anuj says to GK that they need to remain solid for Anupama post last option got enthusiastic.

Post Jignesh leave the house. Kavya accuses Anupama and incites Leela once more. Leela asks Kavya not to take Anupama’s name. Kavya requests to fix the wreck before Vanraj shows up.


Precap: Leela and Kavya go to get back Hasmukh. Hasmukh closes the entryway all over. Vanraj inquires as to whether anything occurred in the house despite his good faith.

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