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Anupama 15th November 2021 Written Update


Anupama 15th November 2021 Written Update on wittycelebs.com

The present scene begins with Leela requesting that Anuj and Anupama give name to their relationship to keep away from society’s analysis. She requests that Anuj put vermillion on Anupama and make her his lady. Leela guarantee that since Anuj love Anupama than he ought to demonstrate it by filling her hairline with vermillion. She says lady of the hour and husband to be both side individuals is here than Anuj ought to wed Anupama immediately. Leela power Anuj to wed Anupama to quiet down. Incensed by Leela’s words, Anuj takes the vermillion and does the unimaginable. Anupama shouts at Anuj. Anuj put tilak on Anupama’s temple. He gives befitting answer to Leela and says to demonstrate society he can’t wed Anupama. Anuj adds he can’t affront Anupama by making her better half.

Anupama says she went out yet Leela is yet to continue on. She inquires as to whether Devika can be her companion than why not Anuj. Leela says on the grounds that Anuj has an affections for her. Anupama requests that Leela let her live in harmony. Samar side Anupama. Leela guarantee Anuj and Anupama is demolishing her joy. She says due to Anupama, Hasmuk and Shah family is separating. Contention heighten among Leela and Anupama. Hasmuk blows his top and requests that Leela get out. Leela hollers at Hasmuk and brings the past. She quote she won’t leave since she has battled a great deal to make his life great. Leela says to Hasmuk requested nothing from him and acknowledged all that he gave. Hasmuk says consequently he gave her quietness.

Leela gets angrier on Hasmuk and malign him for not being rich. She charge Hasmuk for doing nothing in his life. Anupama asks Leela not to talk anything which she will lament later. Leela drives away Anupama. Anuj gives backing to Anupama. Hasmuk hollers at Leela and requests that she leave.

Leela guarantee that Hasmuk was way poor and it was Vanraj who gave great life to them. She says Dolly would have been unmarried yet in light of the fact that Hasmuk didn’t had such a lot of cash. Anupama counts Hasmuk’s integrity. Leela asks Anupama not to give her talk. Jignesh attempts to interfere with Leela. Leela criticizes Jignesh as well. She adds today she will chat with her significant other and none has an option to bounce into the discussion.


Precap: Hasmuk is crushed. Leela claims stockroom and Shah house have a place just with her. Anupama takes Hasmuk to her home and chooses to get Hasmuk back his respect. Kavya chooses to fix the wreck before Vanraj returns back.

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