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Anupama 10th November 2021 Written Update


Anupama 10th November 2021 Written Update on wittycelebs.com

The present scene begins with Anuj asserting that he love Anupama from recent years and will keep on cherishing her until his final gasp. Anupama and Shah’s stands stunned. Anuj adds his romantic tale is uneven on the grounds that Anupama won’t ever cherish him. He says they are companions. Anuj says Anupama’s satisfaction lie in her family along these lines she can never cherish her.

He adds when Shah’s neglect to break Anupama’s certainty they are doing her person death. Anuj has sympathy for Vanraj, Leela, Kavya and Partiosh for not understanding Anupama. He says he supplicate Anupama like a Goddess. Anuj says last time he is featuring he cherishes Anupama however last option just loves her family. He adds one day Vanraj, Leela, Kavya and Partiosh will demolish their joy by their own hands. Anupama leave the spot. Samar follows Anupama.

Vanraj requests that Anuj get lost. Anuj says to Vanraj in case he is inflexible than he is frantic and presently conflict between them will lead one to address the cost. Vanraj prepares to remain against Anuj. Anuj adds he will represent Anupama from now into the foreseeable future. Afterward, Anupama contemplates Anuj’s admission and sit stunned. Anuj lament admitting his adoration for Anupama before Shah’s. Then again, Vanraj think why he is being impacted by Anuj’s adoration admission. He reviews Anupama and Anuj’s second.

Anuj chooses to defy Anupama. Kavya goes to Vanraj and says Anupama is savvy hence went for the danger to stroll out from the house as she was certain Anuj will invite her. She calls Anupama and Anuj astute. Vanraj requests that Kavya take care of bistro with Jignesh as he has meeting at Udaipur with somebody in regards to bistro development. Kavya requests that Vanraj drop as Diwali is close. Vanraj requests that Kavya pack his stuffs. Kavya think post Vanraj will take off from she will assume control over house and bistro both.

Samar meet Anupama. He says to Anupama that everything seems OK if Anuj loves her. Anupama will not chat with Samar. Samar console Anupama. There, Anuj choose to rebuff himself for breaking Anupamas heart. He power neighborhood young men out there to hit him. Anuj set down out and about harmed. Further, Gk asks Anuj what befell him. Anuj embraces GK and cries. Samar inquires as to whether they can converse with fix the things. Anupama will not talk.


Precap: Samar attempts to persuade Anupama to acknowledge Anuj. Leela alongside Kavya chooses to make Anupama and Anuj pay for their deeds.

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