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A hospital official said: “Saira Bano shifted out of the ICU feeling much better.

Saira Bano

Veteran actor Saira Banu was hospitalized at Mumbai’s Hinduja Hospital recently after she griped of chest congestion. According to the latest report of a well-known newspaper, Saira Bano has now been transferred out of the ICU and is now feeling much better.

Dr. Nitin Gokhale, a cardiologist who participated in the former actress, informed E-Times about her current health condition. He revealed that Saira Bano has been transferred out of the ICU. “She’s gone to a room. She’s really fine.

” Earlier, some news was circulating on the internet that Saira, the wife of the late actor Dilip Kumar, was not allowing doctors to perform angiography on her and she was battling depression. Rejecting such reports, Dr. Nitin clarified, “Syracuse is not fighting depression, nor is she at all difficult, which means in other words, she is not avoiding angiography.”

“As I told you last time, angiography will be done at a later date after her diabetes is over,” Dr Gokhale added.

Saira Bano left ventricular failure with ischemia. Earlier, source had specifically revealed that Saira Bano would undergo angiography. Faisal Farooqi, a spokesman for the family of Saira Bano and the late Dilip Kumar, had earlier said, “She was admitted to the Hinduja Hospital in Khar three days ago due to a chest congestion. She was under a lot of stress, and this has added to her health problems.

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